Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Sunday Goodies

I want to give you a few links I have found very helpful -and I hope you enjoy them too.

First up-I want to thank my friend TurretinFan for his review and this link to the debate by William Lane Craig and Sam Harris "Does Good Come From God". Thank you for the review TurretinFan!

Second up-I want to thank my friend Lane Chaplain for posting this video of Dr. James White giving a private lecture at Trinity Law school on "Faith and the Classroom". Thanks Lane-I love the resources you give us.

Here is the link to Dr. James White's You Tube Channel- a smorgasbord of excellent teaching and debate clips are there. Dr White is-IMO-one of God's great gifts to the modern Church-his debating prowess is unmatched! He is coming to our Church for a conference in 2012. I can hardly wait.

We are so blessed to have excellent helps like these available at our fingertips-I hope you watch and listen and grow in the understanding and defense of the Faith. Free and valuable resources like this were not available in the past.



  1. Thanks for posting. I'm going to listen to that debate.

  2. Thanks Ma-I think you will enjoy it. Sam Harris is just a real God hater-and he hates God's people too.


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