Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Lesson From Kittens

Yesterday the last one of the orphaned kittens I have been trying to save died. It is a long an involved story of sadness that has set my heart to pondering life in general-from my Christian worldview. There were 5 kittens that were found-they were about 2 weeks old-and had been abandoned by their mother. They were covered with feces and maggots and fleas. I hate to get involved in these situations but I am a weakling about baby mammals in general and baby dogs and kittens in particular. When you try and rescue very young and very sick little things it almost always has a sad ending-for them and for my heart. I sometimes hate myself for the emotional energy that gets consumed in my obsession to save the unsaveable. The Lord has just wired me to be filled with awe and compassion for his world and his creatures. These kittens were too sick and too young for me to bring back from the brink of death-even though I have been very successful raising baby animals who were quite young but in good health otherwise. I am sure the reason the last kitten who died last evening had such a depressing affect on me is that I had her for 4 days and I had hoped that she would be a survivor-but she had an abscess on her navel that caused infection to invade her tiny little body that even an antibiotic from the vet could not cure. I did my best-she was warm and clean and fed and deeply cared for. I had an excellent home lined up for her if she had made it.

When I see suffering in the animal kingdom I am always reminded of the terrible suffering that goes on in this fallen world daily. It reminds me of the millions of aborted babies who are ruthlessly murdered in the womb by their mothers and their accomplices. I am reminded of the thousands of children around this globe who die of starvation-abuse and neglect daily. Sometimes the suffering that is out of sight is also out of mind-and we need reminders that the good life that most of us have experienced in America for the past 200 years is not the natural state that most humans have experienced since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden. Don't forget that western Christian-what you and I have experienced is a cushy life compared to the cradle to grave suffering and misery in most of the world for most of history.

It took dying kittens to start my ponderings of a suffering and dying world that is foreign to most of us. Only the Gospel can bring hope to the real world. Because the promise of the Gospel is that at God's appointed time there will be an end to sin-misery-suffering & death. Because of the death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ-not only was sin atoned-but the promise was given to God's redeemed that this life and all of the misery that most of the world deals with daily will end. This world and everything bad thing in it are temporary-very temporary.

I am grieved when I see Christians who have it so good here-in this world-that they do not look for and anxiously await the return of Christ. May we never forget that the end of the world is approaching-whatever your eschatological view. Those that love His appearing seem to be few-imo. We must treasure not just our salvation from sin-but also the coming of the Lord(or our going to Him) above all. The truth is that for those of us who love God-who joy in Christ and his redemption-the very best is yet to come!

I am thankful that those dear little kittens started me meditating and pondering truths that are priceless treasures. It is our duty to support in every way possible the Gospel being published to this dying world. Quite honestly-the Gospel is the only good news that our sin filled and suffering world must hear.


  1. "Quite honestly-the Gospel is the only good news that our sin filled and suffering world must hear."

    Amen, Vicki. And come, Lord Jesus!

  2. Vicky, it was such a blessing as always to talk with you today. I just had to read about these little kittens! As we talked about and you said so well in this post we western Christians haven't a clue what most of humanity has always faced by way of suffering. It's not until some terrible personal trial gets in our face that we begin to be sanctified through suffering.

    And when we are there as you are now, my sweet friend, isn't it wonderful to know that this truly is just our "worst" life now? It will all be glory in pretty short order!

    Much love to you!

    1. Thanks Diane for the encouragement today-I have met Persis face to face for a cup of tea in my home-I hope you and I can do that someday too. You are a blessing to me.

  3. You had me ~until here:

    It reminds me of the millions of aborted babies who are ruthlessly murdered in the womb by their mothers and their accomplices.

    A shame too. You write so beautifully ~only to be stopped short of judgement of others demonizing as a whole and not forgiving the state of mind some may be in. Please find the love fully otherwise expect it to take longer to reach your destination. Damnation does not mix with love.

    1. I am sorry you think I am damning and demonizing and judging-I feel strongly about life in the womb-have you ever watched a sonogram of an infant in the womb-you should. Should I not have as much compassion on life in the human womb-as I do for kittens and puppies? I must tell you it amazes me, Anonymous, that you don't-does what you believe make kittens more to be saved than human babies? If you want to counter that with the human tissue/blob of flesh argument-that would prove your ignorance of the subject-and I would have to ban you from commenting on my blog.

  4. i understand your feelings very well-almost exactly 1 year ago my son brought home a kitten he found-we took him in,cared for him -the vet guessed he was about 5 weeks old,i'm happy to say ,he is well,and still here with us.
    but -that day i had read a blog post by a dear family whose baby girl lived only 40 hours. i cried for them, prayed for them. my mind was reeling with thoughts and feelings i could not fully understand -
    and then here was this tiny animal,put into my hands -a strange mercy -one i cannot fathom, but i know God knows why the kitten lived, but the child did not .
    i still think of that family and pray for them ,this young cat is a constant reminder that life and death are side by side at every moment -and of God's Mercy with love,a Sister in Christ -


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